About Me

Hello Everyone!

I have always loved the realms of both Fantasy and Sci-fi.

I enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons and seeing what crazy characters people bring to life.

I enjoy creating new characters for any occasion, whether someone wants me to draw them as an all powerful sorcerer, or someone needs a new character and wants me to draw up how they look.

One of the main reasons that I'm so interested in character design, is because of video games. Video games bring you awesome characters, and you get to see their backstory as you play them. They have so much detail to them that I find fascinating. Every little scratch or dent in the armor has a purpose. With one look of the character, you can tell what kind of backstory he has.

One of my other great loves is traveling. Going on long road trips and seeing the sights is always refreshing. I may or may not be looking at the surroundings trying to create a character who would live in this scenery, who am I kidding? That's exactly what I'm doing.

So in conclusion, this crazy, imaginative, road tripping guy really likes creating characters.